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Why choose Dodgathon® as your Sports Fundraising opportunity?

Dodgathon® has revolutionized sports fundraising!

Dodgathon® has created a proven system that is guaranteed to help your school maximize their fundraising potential and have fun at the same time!

Great financial decision

Dodgathon® takes 3.5% off the top for merchant services.

The remaining total after the merchant services is split 80%-20% where YOUR school will get 80% and Dodgathon® gets 20%.

Friendly Staff

Dodgathon® provides outstanding customer service that will work with you during the entire process from start to finish.

Our staff will:

  • send nightly donation updates
  • provide a demo day for the students during their P.E. class
  • sets up and breaks down all arenas/equipment on event day
  • provide donation link, created specifically for your school
Kids LOVE Us

We have a proven system that kids love!!  Our system allows kids to fund-raise in a totally new system where they can have fun and be safe at the same time!

Schools that have used Dodgathon® Fundraising System

Elementary School

  • Carrollwood Elementary School
  • Schwarzkopf Elementary School

Middle School

  • Mulrennan Middle School
  • Ben Hill Middle School
  • McLane Middle School
  • Burns Middle School